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Back painted glass is quickly becoming popular within the design community. Any color you can imagine can be applied to the back of glass. The relationship of the two together creates a stunning look that is unmatched. See how back painted glass can enhance any surrounding! You can view some of our work or come by our show room to see a few ways this product can be used.


  1. The type of glass to be used is identified - flat glass, a specific pattern or certain type of cast glass.
  2. The color to be applied to the glass is selected. There are many types of paints to choose from (flat colors, pearls, metallic, etc).
  3. The color is applied to the back side of the glass surface.
  4. A durable coating is applied over the color to help protect the surface from scratching and eliminated the possibility of any adhesives showing through.


This product is not see through. We coat one side of the glass to project the color through the other surface. Below are some ideas and popular uses for back painted glass.


Painted glass for back splashes is extremely popular. Solid panels of glass in any color you can think of is a great way to upgrade the look of the kitchen. They are also very easy to clean as there are no grout lines to contend with. We custom cut the back splash to fit the opening including cut outs for electrical outlets when applicable. We can also apply color to our specialty electrical outlets to match the color of the back splash.


Custom cut back painted countertops add a level of sophistication all their own. We can fabricate cut outs for sinks and faucets. The recommended glass thickness for glass countertops is 3/4". It is not recommended to use glass counter tops in heavy use areas as wear and tear will show over time. Powder rooms and any other low traffic area is the best application for these products.


There is nothing more stunning than a full glass shower enclosure with back painted glass shower walls in your desired color. We template and cut holes in the glass prior to applying the color coating to allow for shower heads, valves, hand held bars, etc. Come see the full back painted glass shower enclosure on display in our show room for ideas. Seeing is believing!


Painted glass can be used to make a statement on an accent wall for example. Not only is the wall a different color, it is a different type of material altogether. We can adhere the piece directly to the wall or it can be mounted on standoffs. Back painted accents can also be used as a focal point inside a shower enclosure when applied to a piece of cast glass for example. Come see our focal pieces on display in our show room.