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Table top glass is a great way to protect a solid surface or you can create a table out of glass itself.

It is recommended to use 1/4" glass when protecting tabletops. Anything thinner is not quite strong enough and anything thicker is not necessary. We can shape the glass to follow the specific contours of your piece and we finish off the glass piece with polished edgework. There are other edgework options if you desire, but polished edges are most common.

When using glass as the actual table itself, it is recommended to use 3/8", 1/2", or 3/4" glass. A common application for this type of glass is a dining room table. It is usually best if these pieces are tempered to give it added strength and protection. Traditionally we finish off the piece with a flat polished edge, but there are other types of edgework that can be applied like a beveled edge for example.


Glass shelves add a level of elegance to any room or opening. There are many ways a glass shelf can be used. They can be fastened to a wall with clips or channeling. They can also be used as a raised surface with standoffs. A common application is for cabinet shelves. When using lighting in a cabinet, glass shelves allow light to filter throughout the cabinet where wood shelves would block the light.

Feel free to call us to discuss your application and we can recommend what type of glass would be best for your specific needs.