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Q: What type of glass to most people select for shower doors?
A: Clear glass is the overwhelming majority for a few reasons:
  • For frameless shower doors, people want the look of the shower to be “invisible”. Clear opens up the bathroom. If your shower door has pattern glass, your eye is drawn to the glass surface and you can’t see back to the walls of your shower. In smaller bathrooms, a pattern can really make the space feel cramped.
  • If you just spent time and money setting a beautiful tile job to you shower walls, you want to show it off. A clear frameless shower door is the best way to do this.
  • Clear is a better price point than pattern glass.
Q: How tall should my shower door be?
A: For framed showers, there are standard heights roughly 70” and 75”. For frameless shower doors, there is no standard. A rule of thumb is to be in line where the stem of the shower head comes out of the wall. We also like to line up the top of the shower door with a grout line or the top of an adjacent door casing for example. We treat every opening on a case by case basis.
Q: If I did not tile the ceiling, can I still make the shower a steam shower?
A: It is not recommended. Enclosing your entire opening with glass will not allow the steam and moisture to escape. Over time, this could create mold and moisture issues in the ceiling.
Q: I hear that frameless shower doors leak. Is that true?
A: Frameless shower doors do not “leak”. Although there are very small gaps in the hinges and on the sides of the door, it is highly unlikely water can pass though these gaps without touching the glass. There are some issues that should be avoided to eliminate water coming out of your shower:
  • The tile on the shower curb should slightly slope in towards the shower. If the tile slopes out, water is naturally going to follow gravity and end up out outside your shower.
  • You never want to point a shower head directly at the seams. We do have vinyl molding that can adhere to the edges of the glass to help eliminate any water from leaving the enclosure. As I say, if the shower was water tight, it would be called an aquarium (yes, I will keep my day job).
  • With all of this said, we install thousands of these a year and never have a problem with water leakage. In all traditional forms of shower designs and installations, our products carry a warranty against showers from leakage. If we see that water may be an issue (i.e tile slopes the wrong way or the orientation of a shower head) we will bring it to your attention and suggest remedies before moving forward.
Q: I don't want to install a header on top of my shower door, can this be avoided?
A: In some cases, yes. Please call or stop by our showroom to discuss your options. Shower doors need a header when the door is hinged off of a panel that does not go to the ceiling. If you think about it, you have an 80+ pound door swinging on a piece of glass. If there is no top support, the panel of glass will come crashing down. Not good. Sometimes a header is necessary. For example, you have a 28” shower door with a 45” panel next to it. The panel is so large you need to have top support. If a header is needed, sometimes we can design a taller shower so the metal is higher up and not so much in your field of view. If the panel is less than 20” wide, we have a new type of hinge that can be used to eliminate the need for a header. Feel free to call us or stop by the show room and we would be happy to discuss your configuration and consult on some design options.
Q: I've seen pictures of showers where there is no metal other than the hinges and handle. How is this possible?
A: There are ways to conceal the metal that support the panels of glass around your door. Many times we set channel on the walls and curb BEFORE the tile is set. Once the tile is set, it covers the metal and you can’t see it. Other times, we cut the glass to fit exact to your opening. We have ways to avoid the use of metal even thought the tile as been set. Again, please call us or stop by our show room and we would be happy to go over your options.
Q: How quickly can you install my shower door?
A: Installation times may vary based on a number of circumstances. For example, if you have a cast glass enclosure, it takes about 3 weeks just to fabricate your glass. Etching on glass can increase lead times as well. If there is custom edgework like a mountain top or S-Curve shower door, they can push out lead times. We install most shower doors within 5-7 days once the opening has been field measured
Q: What is your warranty?
A: For shower doors, we warranty against leakage for 1 year from date of install (See “I hear that frameless shower doors leak” above for more details). We also have a lifetime warranty on our hinges. If your hinges fail for any reason, we replace them free of charge no questions asked within the first year. If they fail later, we cover the material cost but charge a service charge to perform the work. We only purchase our frameless shower door hardware from the world’s largest manufacturer. We over engineer the hinges for your shower configuration to further prevent any hinge failure. I think we have had to replace one hinge do to failure. They are extremely durable. We have warranties for all our other glass products as well. Just ask what our warranty is regarding your specific application.
Q: My shower door is not working properly, can you fix it?
A: If we installed the shower, we can help you – we stand behind all of our work. If we did not install the shower, we cannot support your repair needs for many of reasons. There are many types of shower doors that have difference parts and pieces that we don’t supply. The quality of an installation by another company may come into play. We can offer a replacement if needed, but we do not service shower doors other than L&L Glass shower doors installed by L&L Glass professionals.
Q: Are framed shower doors less expensive that frameless shower doors?
A: In most all cases,yes. There are many reasons:
  1. There are standard size doors for framed styles that can help bring the price down.
  2. Frameless shower doors are custom to your opening. There is nothing frameless that is off the shelf to fit your opening.
  3. The fabrication of heavy glass (frameless) shower doors is more extensive than framed versions.
  4. Frameless shower doors are 3/8” or 1/2” thick vs. 3/16” or 1/4” for framed doors so the cost of materials is higher for frameless shower doors.
Q: I have heard of framed and semi-frameless showers. What’s the difference
A: This terminology can be misleading. Framed shower doors have metal around every piece of glass. Semi-Frameless shower doors do not have metal around the top and handle side of the shower door itself. Where it is misleading is that the shower enclosure has a header and strike jamb for the door to close against. In the closed position, a Semi-Frameless shower looks like a Framed shower door anyway.

There are two exceptions:

  • Bypass shower doors. In the Framed configuration, the sliding panels have metal around the edges. In a Semi-Frameless configuration, you only have metal around the perimeter and not around the edges of the sliding pieces. This presents a much more open and clean look.
  • Single Shower Doors. If your opening only requires a door with no panels, then the top of the door does not have metal around it in the Semi-Frameless configuration.
Q: What thickness to you recommend for frameless shower doors?
A: You have two options – 3/8” and 1/2". More times than not, we recommend 3/8” – it looks the same as 1/2" with less cost associated and less stress on the hinges over time. We recommend 1/2" when your shower requires longer skinny panels of glass. Glass can bow slightly in the tempering process. The thicker the glass, the less bow you get. 1/2" glass is common in steam shower applications where the glass goes floor to ceiling.
Q: How strong is your shower glass? Will it break if it hits my towel bar or shower head?
A: Tempered Glass is very, very strong. We have never heard of shower door glass breaking from the door swinging and hitting a towel bar or shower head. In fact, we have had 7 people stand on a 3/8” tempered shower door. It bowed like a half pipe, but did not break!!
Q: Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
A: Yes. We have an extensive training program for all installers. We are all employees of L&L Glass. None of our work is contracted out to other glass companies. We are insured to the highest amount for glazing contractors. We are happy to provide certificates of insurance with your company name as an additionally insured upon request.
Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Since 1956. We are one of the longest standing glass companies in Colorado with a reputation going back six decades!
Q: Are you open on weekends?
A: By appointment only for show room tours. Please call the office to set up a weekend appointment. If you have an order but can’t make it here during normal business hours, we can collect payment over the phone and set the glass outside (secure) for after hours pick up
Q: Do you package the glass when I come to pick it up?
A: We do not package the glass for a couple reasons. First, we want you to inspect the glass to make sure it is to your specifications. We can’t do this if the product is packaged. Second, we don’t package glass to help keep costs down. We recommend customers bring blankets or other packaging materials. We will help load the glass in your vehicle. Note: Please make sure your vehicle is large enough to transport the piece you come to pick up.
Q: What is safety glass?
Safety glass is either tempered glass or laminated glass. Safety glass means it won’t break in large pieces that could potentially fall on someone and do significant harm. Tempered glass breaks into a million small pieces. Laminated glass is actually two pieces of glass laminated together. When broken, it sticks together. Some applications require safety glass. If you are unsure, just ask us. All of our shower doors utilize tempered safety glass (this is also required by building code).