Over 60 Years’ Experience

L&L Glass was founded in 1956 by Don and Herbie Hernor.  Don and his father, Herbie, worked for Pittsburgh Glass back when they had a plant here in Denver.  Don always wanted to start his own glass business but did not have the means to do so. After many discussions with good family friends, they decided to help finance this dream.  In return, Don named the company after the first initials of the husband and wife – L&L. And the rest is history.

Innovations in Glass

While L&L Glass continues to grow and innovate in its core bathroom finishing market, the company is also taking huge leaps into the emerging glass interior products market. Homeowners and business owners are starting to recognize more and more the beauty and convenience of glass materials to solve many project needs inside and outside of the bathroom. New methods in the fabrication and finishing of glass have opened new doors for glass durability and usefulness and Peter French is determined to push all the boundaries. After having been recognized on the DIY Network, Mega Decks show, for their beautiful and unique sliding glass door enclosure for a very special patio, L&L Glass is determined to continue to be there on the cutting edge of glass technology into the future.