Your Guide to Using Glass for Your Next Project

Bathroom Remodeling

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What type of glass do most people select for shower doors?

Clear glass is the overwhelming majority for a few reasons: […]

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Picking a Contractor for your Bathroom Remodel

Before hiring any contractor, be sure to do some research and get quotes from a few […]

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Saving Money on a Bathroom Remodel

There are some good ways to save money and some bad ways.  One of the good ways is to avoid […]

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Cleaning Glass

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Are shower doors with rough or textured glass harder to clean?

Not really, the surface facing the shower is smooth. The outside of the glass should not get hard […]

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My framed shower door has mold around the edges. How should I get rid of it?


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I am getting haze on my glass. What is the best way to clear it?

The haze you are experiencing on the surface of glass is most likely calcium deposits that have […]

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Glass Shower Doors

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I hear that frameless shower doors leak. Is that true?

Frameless shower doors do not “leak”. Although there are very small gaps in the hinges and on […]

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I have heard of framed and semi-frameless showers. What’s the difference?

This terminology can be misleading.  Framed shower doors have metal around every piece of […]

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L&L Glass FAQs

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My shower door is not working properly. Can you fix it?

If we installed the shower, we can help you – we stand behind all of our work. If we did not […]

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What are your hardware types?

The right hardware will bring your glass panels to life […]

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How quickly can you install a glass shower door?

Installation times vary from the time we measure your opening to the day we install the glass.  […]

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