Your Guide to Using Glass for Your Next Project

What is your warranty?

L&L Glass Warranty

For shower doors, L&L Glass provides a warranty against leakage for 1 year from date of install (See “I hear that frameless shower doors leak” for more details). We also have a lifetime warranty on our hinges. If your hinges fail for any reason, we replace them free of charge no questions asked within the first year. If they fail later, we cover the material cost but charge a service charge to perform the work to replace them. We only purchase our frameless shower door hardware from the world’s largest manufacturer. In addition, we over engineer the hinges for your shower configuration to further prevent any hinge failure. Because of this, we rarely have to perform a hinge replacement. They are extremely durable.  We guarantee it!

We have warranties for many of our other glass products as well. Just ask what our warranty is regarding your specific application.