What is Diamon-Fusion®?

Why this product is a wise investment for your shower?

We have hard water in Colorado. As water attaches to the surface of untreated glass, it will calcify and start to etch into the glass over time. Once this happens, you cannot remove the water spots in many circumstances. Think of this coating like you would Teflon on a cooking pan – While you can still cook with an untreated pan, maintenance and cleaning is so much easier with a Teflon coated pan.

How the process works


Your shower door will undergo a three-step process to apply the coating:


Stage 1 The glass is prepared by cleaning the untreated surface.

Stage 2 is applied to the glass. This application fills in the porosity of glass at the microscopic level. This step also helps to remove any impurities that may be on the glass.

Stage 3 is applied to the glass. This final application “caps” the surface giving it strength and durability. Please reference the picture.

Diamon-Fusion® application diagram. Stage 1 fills in porosity and Stage 2 caps the glass making it strong

Additional benefits of a shower with Diamon-Fusion® coating:

● Significantly reduces mold, bacteria and other build up
● Can enhance the brilliance of glass by as much as 20%
● Environmentally friendly
● 70-90% maintenance free

What to expect from your Diamon-Fusion® coated shower door

Due to the immense amount of water being dispersed when you turn on your shower, do not expect all the water to run off the glass the minute you turn it off. Water will inevitably remain on the glass. What the coating process helps to do, among other things, is reduce your risk of water spots permanently etching into the glass. What water spots you do have on the glass are attached to the coating, not the glass itself, and therefore easier to remove. Again, think of this coating as you would your Teflon cooking pans.

How to clean your Diamon-Fusion® coated shower

DO NOT USE HARSH CHEMICALS!!!! All you need to do is squeegee after so your shower and/or use soapy water on a warm hand towel while taking a shower. Ammonia-based cleaning products can erode the coating. Ever shower we install with the Diamon-Fusion® coating applied comes with a Diamon-Fusion® cared kit to help clean and protect your coating.