Patterned Glass Divider Panels –

Patterned glass divider panels separate rooms with style

Using glass is a simple yet elegant way to define spaces.  L&L Glass was called out to help define the open space between the customer’s front door and living room.  The home gets great natural light, and they did not want to enclose the area as it would darken the front entry.

The homeowners came to our showroom and selected a patterned glass that would show light but provide some separation. They also wanted the glass to be slightly elevated off of the floor and ceiling.  We worked with our hardware suppliers to identify a clamp that would give this look while also be structurally sound. Because of the inlay in the wood floor, we chose the edge where the darker wood and lighter wood met as a natural termination.  The opening was laser measured and L&L Glass used our custom glass software to make the necessary deductions to frame the space with exactly 2” gaps between the panels and wall.  Upon completion, the homeowners love their new wall and the flow in their home.