Wall of Glass Shower Door –

For this project, the customer approached us with an idea to use glass to define the openings for their water closet and shower areas.  Once we understood the objective, it became a collaborative effort, over many meetings, between the builder, homeowner, tile setter, drywall installers and L&L Glass to turn this wall of glass into a reality. 

One of the difficulties in the project on L&L Glass was that the glass is embedded into the stone around the tub.  We needed to be involved very early on in the construction process to show specifically where the cut need to be made for the glass. Because this same line transfers all the way to the other side of the room where the water closet door aligns to the opposing wall, everything needed to be perfectly straight. We also needed to engineer how to anchor the shower panel from the tub into a drywall ceiling instead of a rail or bracket. Coordination with the drywall installers prior to installation was important to provide the support needed to anchor the shower door.  The ultimate goal was to create a wall of glass and L&L Glass helped bring this to life.