Your Guide to Using Glass for Your Next Project

What are the best tools for cleaning a glass shower door?

The best tool to clean a shower door is the use of a squee-gee right after you take a shower.  It immediately removes any water that is attached to the glass not allowing it to set and dry.  Over time, water spots that are allowed to sit on the glass may create deposits or stains that can be extremely difficult to remove. 

At L&L Glass, we understand your life does not revolve around cleaning your shower and you may not use a squee-gee every time you take a shower.  To help clean the glass periodically, we recommend our ammonia free glass cleaner or other cleaning products that can help get the harder to remove spots off the glass.  To view all our at home care products available for purchase, please click here.

You may want to use different cleaning agents on the inside of the shower, particularly if your shower glass was treated with Diamon-Fusion.