Your Guide to Using Glass for Your Next Project

Why does the glass company need to work with the tile company?

Tile and a glass shower door may look like separate tasks, but when a space has been well thought out for tile and glass before a project starts, the end result looks seamless.  There are also some pitfalls a glass company can catch which can help save the customer time, money and aggravation.  When a glass shower door company is involved with a project on the front end, here are a couple of examples of the benefits:

  • Shower curbs must slope into the shower.  It seems simple enough, but we wouldn’t talk about this wasn’t a problem we come across frequently.  Installed flat or pitching away from the shower will cause the shower to leak.  And it has nothing to do with the construction of the shower door and everything to do with water and gravity.  
  • Certain shower configurations, like a neo angle shower, have to have walls build square to the curb.  Otherwise doors may not be able to anchor to the wall properly or panels will have to be compromised when working with angled walls.  If we know what your configuration is before you start constructing your shower, we can help avoid some pitfalls.
  • Avoid glass tile anywhere the glass needs to be anchored.  Especially at the door where hinges must be mounted to the wall.  For more information on this topic, see our article on glass tiles
  • Recessing u channel in the wall to reduce the amount of visible hardware.  Panels need to be securely anchored to the walls.  This is done in the form of a clip or u channel specifically designed to support glass panels.  If we know about your project early enough you can “bury” the u channel prior to tile.  The finished product looks like the panels of glass are growing out of the tile and nothing is holding it in place.  But the glass is anchored in u channel – you just can’t see it.  This can only be done prior to the start of tiling your shower enclosure.  Recessing channel comes at a higher price as there are more trips and steps involved, but the nominal cost can definately be outweighed by the enhanced sophisticated look .  

We would love to hear more about your project.  Please stop by one of our beautiful showrooms or give us a call and let L&L Glass help create the shower door that best fits you and your space.  You will be glad you did!