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What Our Customers Say?

"It's always a pleasure doing business with L&L Glass. Over the years my wife and I have purchased custom-sized glass for furniture and hobbies from L&L, and when we decided to add another bathroom we thought of L&L first for the custom shower enclosure. You listened to our design objectives and offered excellent solutions. We comparison shopped and found L&L to be very competitively priced too. L&L promptly came out to measure the shower area, and the installers were out a few days later. They were professional, fast, and friendly. Thank you for the great service!" - C. Crown [Longmont, CO]

"L&L Glass is an amazing local company!! We remodeled our master bath in 2009 and used L&L Glass. We visited the showroom, picked the exact shower stall that the wife was dreaming of and was treated very professionally. The installation was quick and quiet with exceptional communications from the installers. Later we had questions about the shower door and were also interested in having two mirrors cut and hung in the bath. L&L Glass came over quickly, answered all our questions and needless to say we had L&L Glass hang the two mirrors. No more estimates needed in my opinion when glass and mirrors need to be cut, hung or installed, I will always call L&L Glass!!" - C. Hutfles [Denver, CO]

"The experience with your company from beginning to end was great! Every one of your employees were friendly and on top of their jobs. It could not have been a better experience. My wife and I ordered a frameless shower door and it was installed perfectly; we love it! I would highly recommend anyone to L & L Glass." - J Fletcher [Denver, CO]

"L&L Glass installed the glass around my new custom shower this spring. Their prices were very reasonable, and I am so pleased with the finished product! The installation was quick and easy, with the installers showing up when they said they would. I would recommend L&L Glass to anyone who asks. The excellent quality of work and professionalism of the staff far exceeded my expectations." - K Holwell [Littleton, CO]

"I can't say enough good stuff about my experience with L&L Glass, from the initial rough estimate over the phone, to the site evaluation and fine tuning of the quote, to the actual installation, everything occurred efficiently and professionally, on schedule and at the price promised. I was so pleased with their work that when the time came for a similar project on a rental property I connected with L&L again. Perhaps not surprisingly, their repeat performance was every bit as good as their first. From the front desk to the on-site tech, they're a great crew." - S. Tippet [Arvada, CO]