Your Guide to Using Glass for Your Next Project

Removal of Existing Showers

Why do you have to remove my old shower before you can measure for my new shower door?

This is a common question asked by our customers when we look to replace an existing shower enclosure with a  new one.  We have found this to be beneficial for both L&L Glass and our customers.  

Removal of existing shower considerations:

  1. Many times we are asked to remove an outdated framed shower and replace it with a frameless shower.  The old shower has metal framing that over time can stain the tile underneath.  If we remove the shower before we measure, this gives you the opportunity to have a professional come out and clean the surfaces before we arrive to install the new shower.
  2. There are existing holes used to anchor the existing shower in place that will be exposed when we remove it.  You may elect to have someone repair the holes (We would be happy to refer you to a company that can perform this type of work).  If not, this also exposes the holes and we can measure for a new enclosure to cover the holes the best we can.
  3. You may want to replace a curb or bench seat.  If the existing enclosure has a corian top, chances are it is heavily stained beyond repair.  You wouldn’t want a pretty new shower set on a yellowed top.  You may want to have the top replaced in which case we don’t want to measure for the shower right then and there as the new surface will be a different thickness.  We want to get the exact measurement to insure an exact fit.
  4. In the removal of existing shower, we may expose some cracked tiles.  You may want to get these replaced before we show up to install your new shower enclosure.

In all of these scenarios, if we were to measure for your new shower prior to removing your existing shower, we would show up on site with glass to install and give you no time to address the above mentioned issues.  Sometimes it takes an extra step to insure your new shower door fits and looks as good as possible.  We have tried to accommodate the request of measuring before removal of existing showers and the heartache does not outweigh the extra time to make it right.