Gabby Purcell

Gabby has been a part of the L&L Glass team since we opened the doors to our Denver Showroom in 2012 and has been a huge asset to our company ever since.  Today, she runs our Denver Showroom and manages our customer service team. She takes a lot of pride in how we are viewed by our customers and goes to great lengths to make sure all our customers are happy from the minute they contact L&L Glass through installation, and she is there to help at any point down the line even after the job is complete.  Not only does she do an outstanding job running our Denver location, but she also works directly with many of our builders and designers and handles the management of our larger projects. If there is anything you need, Gabby and her team are there for you.  She recently became a mom and spends all her time laughing, bragging and showing everyone pictures of her baby boy!