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Our Framed shower doors utilize clean lines and elegant designs. We carry two types of framed shower doors - Framed and Semi-Frameless. Both products are very similar in cost, with the Semi-Frameless shower doors providing a cleaner, more up-to-date look. The majority of our framed shower doors we sell are Semi-Frameless. We showcase both styles (full scale displays) in our showroom. Come see which style works best for you.

Feel free to call or stop by our show room. We will work with you to design the right shower door that best fits your needs.

Why would you want to install a framed shower vs. another alternative? First off, framed shower doors are a very economical way of enclosing your shower. If you are looking to replace an existing framed shower, this is a good way to keep the same style, but upgrade to a newer system utilizing today's technologies without breaking the bank. If you are currently using a curtain above your tub enclosure for example, a framed by-pass shower enclosure will help to open up the feel of the room as curtains act as a visual wall. They also do a much better job of keeping water in the shower.


If you are looking to add a little customization but don't have the budget for a frameless shower door think about upgrading the handle. Moving from the standard handle that comes with the shower enclosure gives the impression that the shower is custom when in fact it is a standard product. You can also add a towel bar drilled through the glass or a robe hook as additional accessories. For corner shower configurations, we can eliminate the metal post found on other framed shower doors. This upgrade ads an element of sophistication and really opens up the look and feel of the shower enclosure.